I have four beautiful males that can be used for stud service. All are very
gentle and loving. Their personality and temperament always show through in
their puppies. All four of them are proven breeders and AKC registered.
BLUE is solid blue in coloring with a blue nose and
he weighs seven pounds. He makes the most
beautiful puppies and does carry the blue trait. He
is definitely a lover, not a fighter. At this time he has
fathered multiple litters. A solid blue is the rarest
color a Shih Tzu comes in.
PUDGY is black and white.
He weighs twelve pounds
and is absolutely beautiful.
He is my spoiled little brat.
With the stud service I guarantee a witnessed mating (tie) between the male and female and at least one live puppy will
be born or the next breeding will be for free. If you decide to leave your female at my home during the time of her heat, she
will be taken care of just as I would any of my dogs. She will also sleep in my bedroom so that she feels safe. I have been
in the position before to leave my girl at someone's house for breeding and I worried over her night and day. After
knowing how that feels I make it a point to reassure you that she will be fine. It is also a stressful time for her and I make
sure to give her a relaxing and loving environment to stay in. I will keep her on a high protein food and give her daily
vitamins and calcium tabs. You can call or check up on her at any time.
If you would like more
information about our Shih Tzus,
please click on the link below to
send us an email.
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